Workshops are a great way for you and your team to learn a new strategy, tool, or tactic that you can easily deploy into your own organization and help you get one step closer to creating your own "World Class Factory".


We have dozens of topics related to creating a World Class Factory to suit your needs. We can bring any number of workshops to you and your team either on-site or remotely via video conference.

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The Maintenance [ReVolution] Workshop

In 2-hours we walked through the 4 key pillars to a world class maintenance organization and then utilized a "reliability assessment" tool to diagnose the gaps in each attendees current maintenance program. Finally, we created a plan to fix it.

Structured Problem Solving Workshop

In this 3-hour workshop, we taught the "6-Step" PDCA method of structured problem solving. Each attendee also worked through a problem that was plaguing their operation and was able to take the bones of this problem solving back to their team.

Creating A World Class Factory Workshop

This was a half day workshop where attendees learned the key components that go into truly creating a "World Class Factory". Everyone worked out a 12-month actionable workplan they could take back to their senior leadership team and implement.

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