World Class Factory Roadmap

For Factory Operations Leaders wanting to transform their current manufacturing operation to a true "World Class Factory" operation -- without needing to know Six Sigma or any other fancy lean manufacturing principles.

The World Class Roadmap Does 3 Things:

Understand The "5-Levers" To Focus On. Define KPIs and core projects linked to the company goals.

Company Wide Deployment. Get 100% of the operation behind the core projects.

Communicate & Pivot. Daily, quarterly, and annual meeting cadence along with clear performance management means no surprises.

In this PDF & Training, I’ll show you the roadmap to creating a "World Class Factory" operation. The roadmap explained in this training along with the PDF and worksheets will layout exactly what you need to do to take your company mission & vision down to the factory floor and make it easy for your entire team to execute against. It's literally a step by step process that will set you and your entire operation up for world class success in your industry.

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