The Solution Sorting Tool

Identify the projects to work on and in what order -- without hurting the feelings of the team members or worrying about if the ROI is good or not.

The Solution Sorting Tool Does 3 Things:

Organizes Ideas. Before implementing solutions from a brainstorming session you need to organize them!

Makes Decisions Objective. Use numerical and tangible "anchors" to make the sorting of ideas objective and not based on opinions.

Gets your team focused. Get everyone focused on the high priority ideas and solutions so effort is not wasted on the wrong projects.

In this PDF & Training, I’ll show you how this tool can help you and your team quickly - and without emotion - choose the right projects to work on. This simple tool will make prioritizing projects a no brainer so the team can get to implementation even faster - without having to worry if the solutions you implement will even add value or not -- ROI is baked right in to the decision-making process.

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