The Problem-To-Goal Builder

Get to the root cause issues of the problems plaguing your factory faster -- without banging your head against the wall or having to analyze a bunch of data.

The Problem-To-Goal Builder Does 3 Things:

Clarifies your problem. Before you move toward your desired state, you need to know where you are now!

Gives a measurable goal. Know exactly what "good" looks like so you can celebrate the successes.

Gets your team focused. The team will know exactly what the expectations are and will push harder.

In this PDF & Training, I’ll show you how this tool can help you set up you and your team for the most effective problem solving event for your operation. This simple tool will make your problem and goal statement building so simple you'll shave off hours from your team problem solving activities - without having to rework solutions or wonder if you'll even get to the root cause issues.

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