Maintenance Work Request Process

Manage the barrage of maintenance work requests in your food production facility and control the "fire-fighting" -- without creating conflict between maintenance and production or adding more labor or downtime.

This Maintenance Work Request Process Does 3 Things:

Standardizes the work request process flow. No more guessing who does what and when!

Prioritizes work requests. Makes it easy for maintenance and production teams to quickly prioritize the maintenance activities and on the fly.

Plan for "what ifs". Know exactly what to do when the process is broken.

In this PDF & Training, I’ll show you a simple process that you can implement quickly with your maintenance and production teams inside your food production facility to manage the numerous work requests that come in each and everyday on the factory floor. Both the maintenance and production teams will clearly know how to prioritize the work and conflict and debates will be minimized because a predefined process will be followed. You will quickly see more maintenance work requests being done and line performance improving.

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