Factory Focus Method

For Factory Operations Leaders to create a simple piece of standard work for how to walk through your factory each day and keep an eye on the equipment and the employees -- without any surprises in your schedule.

The Factory Focus Method Does 3 Things:

Visualize Your Daily Routine. Draw a path for how you will walk through your factory each and every day.

Plan Check Points. Know ahead of time what your key focus areas will be.

Easily Manage Performance. By knowing what to look for and who to speak with, your teams will be happy to see you and perform at their highest levels.

In this PDF & Training, I’ll show you how to create a simple diagram illustrating how you -- the factory leader -- will walk through the facility each and every day. The process and worksheets will clarify and standardize exactly what you need to focus on each and every day you show up to the factory. You will become a better leader to your people and you'll be able to manage the operation and processes more effectively and efficiently.

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